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The Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN) was approved by both the Federal Ministry of Education and the Federal Ministry of Justice, and established in 2008 under CAMA 1 of 1990, and has the following main objectives, amongst others:

  • professionalizing the practice of cybersecurity, digital and computer forensics in Nigeria;

  • developing digital and computer forensics experts for the country; and

  • supporting the legal, judicial and law-enforcement agencies in the handling of electronic evidence in litigation.

From year 2008 to date, we have achieved the following, amongst others:

  • First Induction Ceremony held at ECOWAS Conference Centre on 23rd September, 2010 with inductees from five (5) West African countries;

  • Held the 2nd Induction Ceremony on 20th April, 2012;

  • Held the 3rd Induction Ceremony on 29th November, 2012;

  • Supported legislations such as the Bill to Amend the Evidence Act; Cybercrime and Information Protection Agency Bill, etc.; and the harmonization of the Cybersecurity Bill.

  • Carried out extensive Awareness Campaigns to educate the public on Digital and Computer Forensics;

  • Presented Lectures at the Defense Headquarters on Cyber Warfare (twice);

  • Commenced in collaboration with Digital & Computer Forensics Associates (DCFA) - a Division of First Digital & Techno-Law Forensics Co. Ltd - the CFIN Accelerated (Professional) Certification Programme covering the following courses:

      1.  Nature and Scope of Digital, Computer and Cyber Forensics
      2.  Cybercrimes and Cyber Security
      3.  Legal Framework for Cyber,  Digital and Computer Forensics-Part 1
      4.  Legal Framework for Cyber,  Digital and Computer Forensics-Part 2
      5.  Cryptology: Encryption/Decryption Systems-Part 1      
      6.  Cryptology: Encryption/Decryption Systems-Part 2  
      7.  Data Recovery:  Tools and Techniques for Forensic Analysis-Part 1
      8.  Data Recovery:  Tools and Techniques for Forensic Analysis-Part 2
      9.  Computer Forensics : Acquisition & Examination of Electronic Evidence-Part 1
      10.Computer Forensics : Acquisition & Examination of Electronic Evidence-Part 2
      11.Biometrics:  Methods and Applications-Part 1
      12.Biometrics:  Methods and Applications-Part  2     
      13.Evidence Reporting and Presentation
      14.Ethics for Digital and Computer Forensics Professional : Level 1

  • Our members participated in Election Tribunal cases as Expert Witnesses in 2011;

  • Participated in the Workshop on Cybersecurity Legislation organized by the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) in October 2011;

  • Participated in several international conferences on Forensics and Cyber Security, and connected CFIN to international forensics organisations;

  • Organized the First West African Digital and Computer Forensics Conference in Abuja from 18th - 20th April, 2012.

  • The Institute has trained and certified members from the following organizations in Nigeria as at January 2013:

  • Nigeria Police Force

  • DSS

  • EFCC

  • Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC)

  • Nigerian Navy

  • Nigerian Army

  • Defence HQ

  • Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)

  • Fed Ministry of Justice - Prosecutors

  • National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

  • ECOWAS Commission

  • Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

  • Federal Ministry of Finance

  • Bauchi State Government

  • Forensics Laboratory, Oshodi, Lagos

  • Nigeria Army IntelligenceCorps

  • Nigeria Immigration Service, etc.

Organized, in collaboraion with First Digital & Techno-Law Forensics Co. Ltd., the 2013 International Digital & Mobile Forensics Conference, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria, from Wednesday to Friday, 16th - 18th October, 2013; and since then has annually, in collaboration with First Digital & Techno-Law Forensics Co. Ltd. an annual International Digital, Mobile and Computer Forensics Conference and Training Expo in October every year, to date.  Plans are on for the 2020 edition scheduled for Wednesday-Friday, 27th-29th May, 2020 at the University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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